Our new website has been live for 2 or 3 weeks, and we’ve already been hit up for a ton of custom work. Glenn was very good at that, and willing to make just about anything for anyone. However, the reality is that we just started making Glenn’s stock designs, of which there are about 400.

That’s a lot to sort through.

If you can forgive us a slow start, and allow us to put off custom work for a while, that will help us out quite a bit. We have some hiring to do, some machines to buy, some photos to take, and a billion other things you’d never think of unless you sat down with us for a few days and watched us work.

Guitar players, especially — there’s no category for guitar bags yet, and we’re fielding 2-3 emails and phone calls a day about one-off bags! Hoo boy! We are NOT there yet. When you see a category in the pull down menu, we’re getting close to offering stock guitar and bass guitar bags. Nothing custom until everything stock is made, photographed, and listed for sale, OK?

You guys are hungry, huh?

Hang in there — let us get through a few things, first.