Glenn Cronkhite Custom Cases makes bags.
Torpedo Bags makes cases.
In the same Minneapolis factory.

It’s kind of like when some people clap on 1 and 3, and others clap on 2 and 4 – You know what works for you, but either way, all the beats are covered. We welcome your inquiry.

Please fill out the form below or contact us directly.

Please note: Lindsey normally answers our phone, but has 2 small kids in “computer school.” PLEASE use email to communicate for now, as she has significantly reduced her hours and typically replies late at night or early AM.

We lost 7 months of production in 2020, and have some catch up to do! We are a very small company, and everyone here either had Covid or had family members with Covid and had to quarantine. We also had immediate neighbors on 3 sides of us burn down this spring, in addition to 100 buildings destroyed within a 1 mile radius. We saw a very unexpected rush of Band PPE sales this fall (who knew that would be a thing?), and are in good financial shape. ALL cases WILL be made, and we so appreciate your patience this year. It’s been a pivot here, pivot there, work all night, stay afloat, count the flames, invest, make some of these, try this, try that, catch up kinda year.

Torpedo Bags World Headquarters