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I have to tell you a secret: I am addicted to low priced high fidelity. Guess how many speakers I have? 14.

OK, that’s a big fat lie. I have 42, and probably 6 more I’ve forgotten because they displeased me. It’s OK. I’ve since cut them out of the will.

One fine day last November – really, the finest day of all the fine days – a very cheap pair of Klipsch La Scalas showed up locally, speakers I’ve been trying to afford for 30 years. Cheap is relative when we’re talking about La Scalas, but these needed to be cheap: The guy I bought them from used them as his road PA for decades, and they were trashed.

I sold my Sansuis, my Infinitys, my other Infinitys, my Bose, my DLKs, my Fishers, and my Omegas to pay for them.

But if you come to St. Paul to pay us a visit, I will play the Klipsch set for you, and then YOU will spend the next 30 years of your life trying to find a pair of Klipsch La Scalas. Plus, you will have met our fantastic Director of Sales and Marketing, Jen Burleigh-Bentz, and she makes everything better. Have a question about a case? She’ll find the answer and then make you feel like a winner, I kid you not. Sleep well, my friend. You’ve met Jen BB.

I should also like to introduce you to Svea

…the young lady who has been doing our custom design work in CAD, and then sending the CAM to our Kuris “Cutty” leather system for CNC leather cutting. She does a lot more than that, too, and is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist. She earned 2 undergrad degrees at once (it can happen, though not to me), and also has 1.5 years of masters level mechanical engineering training from the U of MN, our neighbor up the road. She also ran a CNC fabric cutting table at another textile company in town, telling me as we were getting trained on ours…

“Oh, I used to run one of these at VeeStar.”

Oh, did you now?!

So please pay us a visit, say hi to Jen and Svea and Katie and Chris and Leighton and Emelin and Blanca and Hairo and Sanjuana and Sen. I’ll take you down the street where there is a spicy chicken sandwich that is – forgive me, two things are making me teary-eyed today – SO good.

It’s so good.

If you want you can pick up a stock case, or yours if it’s done (yeah, still a challenge – it just means we’re popular). But mostly, come and say hi, check out my speakers, and let me buy you a spicy chicken sandwich. I’m plenty sure you’ll want to move in with us, but then we’re gonna put you to work. And you read my last email about the finger, right?

You should go back and read about the finger.

Keep safe, everyone.

Speak softly and carry a big speaker.


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