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Ferdinand & The Finger

There was a sewing factory down the road apiece that went out of business. I knew the guy, went down there to see what might be available, and ended up buying every sewing machine he had. One of them was the Famous Ferdinand 900B Bull, a massive block of steel that spent its days impersonating […]Read More

It’s Good that Glenn Knew Leather Goods

I spent a few days in Berkeley with Glenn in 2017, where he lived for most of his life. It was apparent that he was a musician from the start – the first thing we did was listen in awe to the Vertical Voices recording of Maria Schneider’s compositions, on an incredible stereo that had its […]Read More

A Long, Strange Year…

Hi Everyone, We had a strange, difficult, and surprisingly profitable year. Here is a short account of starting in a bad place, going dark, going darker, coming out of it, going back into dark, coming out of it again, getting lucky, and closing out with confidence. I invested in a brand new website in Nov […]Read More