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Glen Cronkhite and Torpedo Bags have been handed a unique and significant opportunity to have the staff, skills, and functionalities to produce emergency masks to fulfill the desperate need the world is experiencing because of COVID-19.

We developed an entire production process within one week because we are wholeheartedly committed to responding to the mask demand in order to keep the public safe. We hold a personal connection to the brave individuals and organizations that are protecting our communities, and that is why we did not hesitate to contribute our services.

While we have redirected some of our resources to focus on mask production, we continue to accept and fill bag orders. We want to be able to continue to create and provide masks for our community, therefore order completion is expected to be longer than normal.

Mask Details

Materials and design:

  • Ability to create custom patterns or designs
  • Standard design is a 4.6 oz cotton poplin weave outer with 4.9 oz cotton flannel inner and cotton tie-down straps
    • Bulk orders may specify .25” elastic around the ears or elastic over the head, or another pattern
  • Note: We do not have access to N95 filter material, although our “Deaconess” pattern can be used to protect N95 masks for extended use

Mask size options:

  • Small
  • Medium- The medium “HK” pattern is our standard size
  • Large

A Note to Our Customers

We want to assure our customers that we have received and continue to work on your orders. Our incredible staff is diligently working to produce the masks that are desperately needed during this crisis. That being said, our dedication to our customers has not subsided, we are putting in the same care and quality, yet our operations need to be balanced with the health and needs of our and your community. While orders may be delayed during this time, we promise we are processing your orders and they will be at your front door soon. We greatly appreciate your understanding during this time, thank you.