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Standard Trombone Cases

With 12 trombone case choices, the choice is not always so obvious. But perhaps seeing this list in one place will help get you started.

Standard Trombone Case Trombone
TBN ALT Alto Trombone
TBN TSG Small Straight Tenor Trombone, 8” bell
TBN TTG Medium Tenor Trombone w/F, 8” bell
TBN BTG Large Tenor Trombone w/F, 9” bell
TBN BTSG Large Straight Tenor Trombone, 9” bell
TBN BBG Bass Trombone, Bb/F/D 10.5” bell
TBN DBS Small Double Trombone: tenor & alto, 2 tenor, 8”/9.5”
TBN DBM Medium Double Trombone: tenor & bass
TBN DBL Large Double Trombone: tenor & bass or 2 bass, 9”/10.5”
TBN CON F Contrabass Trombone
TBN BBC BBb Contrabass Trombone (Miraphone)
TBN BTV Valve Trombone

Trombone Travel Cases

The two-piece trombone travel case system allows for easier air travel. The component parts can be quickly separated for small space storage. Available in four sizes as sets or components. The slide case is compatible with all four bell cases. The BTBO+2B case is designed for large tenor trombones with long open wrap (Bach 42BO, Conn 88HO, Yamaha Xeno), or many bass trombones with up to 9.5” bell. Larger bells use BBBO.

Trombone Travel Case Trombone
TSBO SET Small Bell Set, 8”
BTBO SET Medium Bell Set, Bb/F 9.5”
BTBO+2B SET Medium Bell Set, Long, Bb/F/D, 9.5” for long open wrap tenor / bass
BBBO SET Large Bell Set, Bb/F/D 10.5”
TBN TSO Slide Only Case w/shoulder strap
TBN TSBO Small Bell Case, 8”
TBN BTBO Medium Bell Case, Bb/F 9.5”
TBN BTBO+2B Medium Bell Case, Long Bb/F/D, 9.5”
TBN BBBO Large Bell Case, Bb/F/D 10.5”

And if you’re still having trouble picking yours out, try this on for size:

Bell Size Trombone Standard Travel Size
7-8″ Bach 8, 12, 16, King 2B, 3B TSG Small TSBO Small
7-8″ Bach 36B, King 3BF TTG Medium BTBO Medium
8-9″ Bach 42B, 42A, 42T, Conn 88H, King 4BF BTG Large BTBO Medium
8 – 9” Bach 36BO, 42BO, Conn 88HO, Xeno BTG Large BTBO+2B Medium Long
8 – 9” Conn 8H BTSG L Straight BTBO Medium
9 – 9.5” Bach 50B2, 50B3, Conn 62H, 112H, Xeno BBG Bass BTBO+2B Medium Long
10”+ Bach 50BL, TR181, King 8B BBG Bass BBBO Large