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Instruments: Trombone, Drums, & Voice


Kyle Johnson, Video

Julius Collins, Vocals

Keith Hilson, Trombone

Phil Ostrander, Trombone

David Anania, Drums

Steve Kriesel, Producer

Ben Bussey, Trombone

Josh Becker, Trombone

Eric Songer, Trombone and Arranger

John Tranter, Trombone

Matt Hanzelka, Trombone

Scott Agster, Trombone

John Miller, Engineer, Mix and Mastering

Glenn Cronkhite Presents: The Skeletone Bones Playing Rush's "Tom Sawyer"

A few days before Christmas, my friend Dave Anania mentioned he’d be in town from Berlin for a few days. I had long had a project in mind for 8 trombones and vox with drums, and Dave has always been one of my absolute favorite drummers — He’s not just good, but world class, and worthy of hero worship. I wrote Dave, “Hey, are you interested in recording Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ for 8 trombones and your friend Julius Collins on vox?”

Video coming soon!

“Tom Sawyer,” for 8 trombones and vox — “…and guitar, bass, and keys, right?”

“Uh, no. Just 8 ‘bones, Dave,” followed by a 2 day awkward email pause in communication…

2 Days later: “I swear, it will be cool, Dave.”

There was some haggling, some details to dial in, a studio to locate, some convincing of 8 killer trombone players, find a videographer, and an engineer, and then lighting…oh shoot, I should probably find a kick pedal. All in 4 days, during Peak Christmas, for a Dec 22nd hit. And somehow I had to convince the BADDEST human being I have ever met that this was a good career move. Julius Collins was down for it, thankfully, redefining energy on every single take we did.

And here it is, the first in a series we will produce of some of the most iconic hits ever recorded, arranged for 8+ trombones and nothing else.

Because really, ask any kid: All you need to be happy is a good slide. Enjoy!

–Steve Kriesel, President of GCCC