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Here is a list of items we currently have IN STOCK.  Items will usually ship on the same or next business day, depending on when the order is placed.  There is NO guarantee what is listed is still in stock since items may have been sold and shipped before the list is updated.  Some of these items may have GREY LINER instead of black, or have a single zipper pull instead of the standard two.  Please ask about specific items if you are concerned about this.

If you see what you want below or have any questions, send Jen an email at sales@torpedobags.com , to inquiry about an item’s status.  As we try to stay updated with our backstock listings on a frequent schedule, it may take a little longer to update when it gets busy.  We could also have items NOT listed, either from recent returns or other unforeseeable reason.  Let us know what you are looking for, we just MIGHT have it!

Trumpet/High Brass Bags

Single Trumpet – TRP

Rotary Trumpet – RTR

Piccolo Trumpet – PTR

Small Bass Trumpet – BTR3

— Badlands Leather

— Black Cordura

— Red Cordura

— Burgundy Cordura

Slide Trumpet/Soprano Trombone – TRS

— Black Cordura

Natural Trumpet – NTR

— Smooth Black Leather

— Black Cordura

Contra-alto Trumpet – BTR

— Black Cordura

— Red Cordura

Double Trumpet – TRT1

Trumpet + Flugelhorn – TRT2

Triple Trumpet – BBB

— Smooth Black Leather

— Black Cordura

Super Triple Trumpet – SBB

Cornet – COR

Flugelhorn – FLH

Large Flugelhorn – FLHVL

Alto Horn – ATH


Single Trumpet – TRP

— Smooth Black Leather

Trombone Bags

Small Straight Tenor Trombone, 8” bell – TSG

Large Straight Tenor Trombone, 9” bell – BTSG

— Dark Blue Cordura

Medium Tenor Trombone w/ F wrap, 8” bell – TTG 

— Black Cordura

— Two Tone Black Cordura/Dark Blue Cordura

_ Smooth Black Leather

Large Tenor Trombone w/ F wrap, 9” bell – BTG

— Black Cordura

Alto Trombone – ALT

Bass Trombone, Bb/F/D, 10.5” bell – BBG

— Canyon Sunrise/Smooth Black Two-Tone Leather

— Red Cordura

Small Double Trombone – DBS

F ContraBass Trombone – CON

BBb Contrabass Trombone – BBC

– Black Cordura

Large Double Trombone – DBL

Trombone Travel Bags

— Black Cordura — Small Bell Set 8″ — SLIDE CASE ONLY

— British Tan Leather —Medium Bell Set Bb/F 9.5″— SLIDE CASE ONLY

Tuba Bags

Black Cordura

Dark Blue Cordura

Forest Green Cordura

—  HIR HB2, MW 3450, MW 454P BBC, Gronitz PCM, Hirsbrunner — 290, 390-394, HB2P, HB20, HB21 CC, HB4, HBS290, Rudy Meinl RM45, Cerveny 686 BBb, LARGE





Grey Cordura

Euphonium Bags

Standard Euphonium – EPH

— Grey Cordura

— Red Cordura

Miraphone 5050 Euphonium – EPH2

— No Stock

Saxophone Bags


Curved Neck Soprano – SXCNS

— Smooth Black Leather

Curved Neck Soprano Permanent Neck – SXCNSP

— Pebble Black Leather

— Tan Cordura

— Burgundy Cordura

Straitght Soprano Sax – SXSOS

Tenor Sax – SXTEN

— Black Cordura

Baritone Sax Low Bb – SXBARB

— Black Cordura (2)

Bass Sax – SXBAS

— British Tan Leather


Alto/Soprano – SXADSP

— No Stock

Double Tenor / Soprano  – SXCTSP

— No Stock


Curved Neck Soprano – SXCNS

— Smooth Black Leather 

Guitar Bags


Johnny Smith Acoustic — JSG

— Two-Tone – Brown/Black Cordura

Epiphone Joe Pass/D’Agostino Excel — EJP

— Smooth Black Leather

Les Paul — STLPG

Basic Classical — CAG

— Smooth Black Leather

Gibson — ES335

— Black Cordura

Strat/Tele — STG

— Black Cordura

— Canyon Sunrise



Two Strats/Teles — STG-DOUBLE

— Brown Loredo Leather (discounted rate – discontinued color)

Bass Guitar Bags

STBGLJ-HG Headless Steinberger Bass

—Smooth Black Leather


French Horn Bags





Cymbal/Stick Bags


— 24″ Cymbal Bag – Pebbled Black Leather


— Badlands Leather

— Chocolate Brown Leather