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Leather care is simple: Treat it once or twice a year with leather lotion.

You can keep reading if you want, but that’s basically it. What makes leather crack and wear out more than anything is when it loses its moisture and oil content. This happens naturally over time, but a little lotion on the surface every so often will increase the life of your bag and enhance its appearance by quite a bit.

Just clean off any dirt with a soft, wet rag, then apply the lotion. Here’s a LINK to a brand we like.

Do not use mink oil or Nikwax or anything oil-based — those are meant for waterproofing boots, and will degrade your leather (plus, they often stink). That’s all there is to it. We use very good leather that should last a very, very long time. Don’t worry about being out in the rain — your case will be fine.