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Chop Slot™ Performance Musician Masks are available for the fall marching season, and feature a replaceable elastic strap, durable WOVEN materials, and a horizontal slot that is easier for woodwind players to use. Shipping September 14th.



Chop Slot™ Musician Performance Masks are available for the school year. These are made from the same materials vetted by Boston Scientific for a 130,000 piece mask order we supplied during the April/May shutdown, the same materials recommended by the CDC: Our outer barrier layer is a very heavy 5.3 oz poplin woven cotton and the inside filter layer is a 4.9 oz cotton flannel. These are extremely durable materials, and can be washed in high heat over and over for months.

These are designed to allow a mouthpiece to be inserted while playing, and the overlapping flap will close when the mouthpiece is removed. The horizontal slot is less likely to damage woodwind reeds when finding the opening compared to a vertical flap.

This mask features a two-point, around-the-head elastic system that can be replaced with ties at the discretion of the user. The advantage of this unique design is that a musician need not retie their mask when getting a drink — that giant bari sax does not need to be set down in the dirt during marching band practice! By not going around the ears, there is less discomfort and there won’t be a temptation to hang it from one ear during water breaks, again risking the instrument when it inevitably blows off the ear. Our design is better in both regards.

We can put school or company logos on these. Please send us your vector art after you place your order for 100 or more units. No set up charge, but we will add $1 to each mask.

We are also shipping BELL COVERS in 11 sizes and INSTRUMENT COVERS for all woodwind instruments.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

Children, High School Students and Adults

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Just One, 100, 500


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