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Not sure which trombone case is the best fit for your trombone? Check out our sizing chart.
Bell SizeTromboneStandard
7-8″Bach 8, 12, 16, King 2B, 2BSmall Straight Tenor Trombone Bag
7-8″Bach 36B, King 3BFMedium Tenor Trombone Bag
8-9″Bach 42B, 42A, 42T, Conn 88H, King 4BFLarge Tenor Trombone Bag
8-9″Bach 36BO, 42BO, Conn 88HO, XenoLarge Tenor Trombone Bag
8-9″Conn 8HLarge Straight Tenor Trombone Bag
9-9.5″Bach 50B2, 50B3, Conn 62H, 112H, XenoBass Trombone Bag
10″+ Bach 50BL, TR181, King 8BBass Trombone Bag