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Design Services


Custom Design Services — We can make any item you want, from purses to duffles to tents!

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Note: We are pausing our design service for a bit, due to shift reductions to our designer’s schedule. She also runs our CNC cutting table, and we need her there more (designing a bag can take 2 or more days = we’d give up 15 cut kits).

Our Custom Design Services will get you the bag you want — or a duffle bag, or a purse, or any textile product you would like us to make. We will draw it in CAD using state of the art Gemini textile software, and cut it on our Kuris “Cutty” CNC leather cutting table. If this is for an OEM bag, you would retain ownership of the patterns and we would not make them or offer finished products to the public without your permission. All other designs may be listed for sale.

If you have a cheap version of what you are looking for, it is very helpful to have it in hand before we start to work. “Lost in Translation” is something we want to avoid! Prototypes are also helpful, even paper stapled together can save weeks of time and back and forth.

We bill in $50 increments (60 minutes labor), and add for materials, sewing labor, and shipping later. To start, place an order for $50, and send your measurements or prototype to us:

Torpedo Bags
2645 26th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406 USA

We won’t have a final price until we complete the design.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 36 in


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