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Standard Leather Gear Bags


Our Standard Sized Leather Gear Bags are ones we’ve made for other people, and are cheaper than a true custom pattern job. These are exceedingly durable bags, suitable for protecting your mics, mutes, keyboard, cords, and other equipment as you travel to thousands of shows. Mic Bags have sturdy interior dividers that velcro in place, while gear bags and Keyboard Bags do not. All of them feature high density, high resilience foam padding, Top Grain Leather exteriors (or Cordura), and highly durable components. If you don’t see the size you need here, then you’ll need to order a custom GEAR BAGKEYBOARD BAG, or MIC BAG.


Standard Leather Gear Bags are made by Glenn Cronkhite to outlast entire careers — perfect portability, protection, and STYLE for MILES.

NOTE: Most Cronkhite orders are cut and sewn after the order is made. There is a queue. If you need a rush, be sure to check with us first.

  • Our Standard Leather Gear Bags are made from Top Grain Leather. After designing hundreds and selling thousands of unique tuba bags over the past several decades, we know how to make durable products.
  • Mic bags are unique in that the interior is lined with a velcro strip, and we provide interlocking dividers that stay in place, creating 3″ squares. All the gear bags feature .75″ HR/HD foam in the outside walls for great gear protection.
  • Length is left to right as the person is loading the mics inside the bag. For a row of 3 mics, plan on about 10 inches, assuming they fit in a 3″ slot (3″ + 1/2″ divider + 3″ + 1/2 inch divider + 3″). The zipper will be installed here.
  • Depth is measured from the front of the lid where it opens, to the back. If you want to carry 9 mics in 3″ slots, this dimension would also be 10 inches (3 mics L to R X 3 mics Front to Back = 9 mics)
  • Height is the height of your tallest mic. For a typical mic, this might be 5 inches.
  • The interior of the bag we make will fit the dimensions you provide — understand there can’t be any returns for fit issues unless we mess up. There will be an additional .75” of high density/high resilience foam, plus the thickness of the leather or nylon, so plan on receiving a bag with an additional inch for the final exterior dimension in every direction, i.e., 45″ wide gets an ID of 45″, but an OD of 47″.  If you are putting this gig bag inside another carrying case or road compartment, this could be important!
  • All of our Standard Leather Gear Bags will come with a heavy duty shoulder strap for side-body carriage. Large bags will include reinforced backpack straps that are sewn and riveted on the upper/shoulder side (clips eventually break — you don’t want them removable — trust us). Our US-Made rivets are brass plated steel, machine set for consistency, and backed up with a 1/2” washer under the foam for durability. Zippers are high quality, US-Made #10 YKK coil zippers. Thread is US-Made T140 poly (good against UV and acids).

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 12 × 9 in
Interior Dimensions

17W X 13.5D X 10H, 45.5W X 21D X 8H, 52W X 11.5D X 5.8H, 21W X 7D X 2.5H, 33.5W X 5.5D X 2.5H, 25.5W X 9D X 5H, 28.25H X 13D X 6.25H, 12.5W X 11.5D X 4H, 21W X 14.5D X 3H


Smooth Black, Chocolate Brown, Canyon Sunrise, Cinnamon, British Tan, Badlands


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