I need my bag in RIGHT NOW. What can I do?

Since we have 2000 patterns available in 5 leather and 8 Cordura options, we can’t possibly stock everything. Call us — maybe we have what you need, or maybe we aren’t that busy and can get one done quickly. Please don’t select an express shipping option until you talk to us, though. Plan on 6-8 weeks before your item will be ready to ship.

Your company is called “Glenn Cronkhite Custom Cases.” Why can’t you make me a custom case?

Glenn was very good at making patterns very quickly, and he was famous for taking on almost anything. He told us once that he estimated he’d made 15,000 to 20,000 patterns in his lifetime. We can make patterns, but at least through 2018, we have to get through all of his stock items, and then through the remaining string, harp, bass, guitar, and drum bags. We won’t be able to even think about adding this service until after all of these items have been gone through, produced, photographed, and added to this website.

Your website is missing some photographs. What gives?

We can only photograph what we’ve made. But since a flugelhorn bag is nearly the same as a trumpet bag (or a cornet bag, or a piccolo trumpet bag…), we can list many items for sale before we have actually made one. Once a design is ordered for the first time, we’ll make it, photograph it, and post it. And there are some we’ve made but just didn’t have time to photograph before it shipped out. Same answer for why we are playing catch-up on colors: 5 leather choices + 8 Cordura choices X 400 stock items = 5200 case variations. A photograph of a Forest Green curved soprano saxophone bag may never happen!

Do you have a case for my very strange and wondrous, underwater-built, prehistoric-metal-brazed, titanium encrusted dodadiphone?

We don’t know! But if you sent a photo of your instrument next to a more commonly found instrument of similar size, with accurate dimensions, we can do a little research for you and hopefully come up with something that will work.

What are the color and material options available?

We have 5 leather options and 8 cordura options available for most of our bags.  We also offer two-tone options which can now be selected on each product’s individual page. Leather Cordura Options-PDF