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Can you change the strap placement? What about the location of the logo? Can you make the bag without backpack straps, add wheels, and make the side pocket big enough to hold my laptop ?

We would love to accommodate all of these special requests, but it’s much harder to do than it seems.

If we change one dimension, we have to change every piece of the pattern — a day’s work! If we tell the cutter “no back pack straps,” but he puts the awl marks on anyway, we’re stuck with a $50 piece of leather we can’t use. Or if he remembers, but a sewer doesn’t catch it, now we’re stuck with as much as a $500 investment in a bag that we can’t use, and we’re off our schedule by 5 hours.

Remember that the pattern marks tells the cutter and sewer what to do, and they get in the habit of doing it that one way. Our patterns are composed of specifically measured pieces and markings for each part of the bag.  Changing any one of these pieces would alter the design carefully created by Glenn and may end up ruining the integrity of the bag.

Your website is missing some photographs. What gives?

We have more than 50,000 product variations. Holy Hannah, that’s a lot!

6 leather choices , 8 Cordura choices, and then combinations of these colors X 450 products (in a growing catalogue) = oh, who knows! Some math people showed us how to calculate this, and it was over 50,000.

We’ll get there, but will probably never have all of them in every color combination. I mean, who wants a asymmetrical 5 string mandolin bag in tan and green Cordura? Maybe someone will someday, but it probably doesn’t make sense to make everything in every color and every color combination up front — that would cost multiple millions of dollars!

What are the material and color options available?

We have 6 leather options and 8 Cordura options available, plus the Blue Logan. With 450 patterns and color combination possibilities, that brings us to over 50,000 product variations! Needless to say, it will take a long time before we can get even a small portion of these posted on every product page.

The British Tan looks better in person (and looks great combined with black!), while the current Canyon Sunrise batch has more pronounced red hues than what is shown here. We try hard to keep our leather colors consistent, and always source them from the same tannery. However, leather batches, cameras, and monitor calibrations can significantly impact actual colors.


We also offer two-tone options which can be selected on each product’s individual page.

I need my bag in RIGHT NOW. What can I do?

Since we have over 50,000 product variations, we don’t stock most items.  You can check out our Stock Page to see if we have what you need.  If not, contact us — if we aren’t incredibly busy, we may be able to discuss rush options (usually associated with a rush fee) and get one done quickly for you.

Please don’t select an express shipping option until you talk to us.

Do you have a case for my very strange and wondrous, underwater-built, prehistoric-metal-brazed, titanium encrusted dodadiphone?

We don’t know! But if you sent a photo of your instrument next to a more commonly found instrument of similar size, with accurate dimensions, we can do a little research for you and hopefully come up with something that will work.

What is your return policy?

Because each bag is hand cut and hand made with your choice of exterior and color(s), we don’t accept any returns unless there is a clear manufacturer’s defect with the bag. If we made a measurement mistake with a custom order, we will of course take the item back and try again, if you’ll let us — but if the mistake was your fault, the bag is yours. Be careful with your measurements!

Please choose your product carefully and be confident of your selection before purchasing.

How should I care for my bag?

If you have a cordura bag, clean any dirt or dust with a damp cloth.  We’ve received inquiries about waterproofing these bags and truth-be-told, it’s not necessary.  It won’t hurt if you’d like to use a waterproofing product on your bag, but the cordura we source is water resistant and will be just fine in the occasional rain storm.

For leather cases, we recommend you apply leather lotion once a year to keep it moisturized. Quality leather products can last decades, but leather can start to crack once the natural and tanning oils dry up.

Do NOT use mink oil or other oily or waxy treatments — these are for waterproofing boots, and they will shorten the life of your leather gig bag. Your leather will be fine in some rain, although we don’t recommend taking it for a swim.

I'm not sure which trombone case is the best fit for my trombone. Can you help me out?

Glenn Cronkhite Trombone Fit List


If you have a leather bag, the care is pretty straight forward.  See our Leather Care page for details and our recommended leather lotion.